Cyberkada News Blog
Format News program and Public affairs
Created by Cyberkada Network Inc.
Developed by Carl Haroe Productions Inc.

Rhod Mykel

Carl Haroe

Zedwick Vincent

Yok-yok Padilla

Theme music composer Crazy Pipe (Pump It Rock It)

Country of origin

Original language(s)


Filipino, English, Cebuano

Running time 60 minutes
Original channel



BHD Channel

Picture format 480i


Original run

February 15, 2014-present (CyberkadaTV and QSKC)

February 22, 2014-present (BHD CHannel)

TBA (BluebayTV, Bulad TV, Heaven/Messenger Tagalog, Rocket TV)

Preceded by QSKC News Bulletin (QSKC)

The Cyberkada News Blog is a weekly news program produced by Cyberkada Network Inc.. It is aired on CyberkadaTV, QSKC, BHD Channel, and on other virtual networks. The program is held mainly on Cyberkada Studios in Iligan City, and QSKC Studios in Cagayan de Oro City.


The show tackle issues about virtual broadcasting, the latest happenings, and showing innovations that can make mock broadcasting very possible. Hosted by the four main bosses of CNI, they will give balanced reports with no competition, exclusive interviews, and commentaries on the ups and downs of a certain virtual network.


Main AnchorsEdit

  • Rhod Mykel
  • Carl Haroe
  • Zedwick Vincent
  • Yok-Yok Padilla


  • Jazonn Villaver
  • Kathleen Sebastian
  • Gregory Marzon


  • Cyberkada This Week
  • Hoax Files
  • Commentary
  • Live on CNI
  • Sked Check

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